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May 1978 Vol 9-2

May 1978 Vol 9-2

Energy & Character is a journal above all a means of communication among colleagues and professionals in the body psychotherapy community at large all over the world.

The title Energy & Character suggests on the one hand physics and biology, the energetic roots of existence, and on the other hand character, in the psychic and social meanings. Character has roots in ancient Greek which on the one hand refer to the formation of the personality in the culture, and on the other hand relate to the core, or essence of the person, his or her unique individuality.


David Boadella – Twenty Years After

Derek F. Stubbs – Reich & Illich: Personal and Social Man

John Pierrakos – Fostering A New Age

David Boadella – Maps of Character II

David L. Smith – Movement and Character

James Quen – Short-Term Therapy of a Schizoid Character

Mary M. Leue – The Work of Wilhelm Reich Today

John Southgate &
Rosemary Randall – Work Democracy and Emotional Plague

Eva Reich – Suicide Prevention

Mona-Lisa Boyesen – The Startle-Reflex Pattern & Organic Equilibrium Suicide Prevention

Ian Grand  – Process G Revelation III: Shapes & Images

Stanley Keleman – Unboundedness and Undercharge

Carlos Frigola – Reich’s Influence on Spain

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