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January 1970 Vol 1-1

January 1970 Vol 1-1

Energy & Character is a journal above all a means of communication among colleagues and professionals in the body psychotherapy community at large all over the world.

The title Energy & Character suggests on the one hand physics and biology, the energetic roots of existence, and on the other hand character, in the psychic and social meanings. Character has roots in ancient Greek which on the one hand refer to the formation of the personality in the culture, and on the other hand relate to the core, or essence of the person, his or her unique individuality.


Alexander Lowen, Bio-energetic analysis: A development of Reichian therapy

David Boadella, The Concept of Bio-energy

Gerda Böyesen, Experiences with Dynamic Relaxation

David Boadella, Studies of Reich’s work in Italy

Bruno Bizzi, Orgone energy: Life-force and morbid states


F.H. Edwards, The Betrayal of the Body

F.H. Edwards, Impressions of Dr. Alexander Lowen’s

Jacob Meyerowitz, The Journal of Orgonomy

Laing,M.D., The Function of the Orgasm


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