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May 1979 Vol 10-2

May 1979 Vol 10-2

Energy & Character is a journal above all a means of communication among colleagues and professionals in the body psychotherapy community at large all over the world.

The title Energy & Character suggests on the one hand physics and biology, the energetic roots of existence, and on the other hand character, in the psychic and social meanings. Character has roots in ancient Greek which on the one hand refer to the formation of the personality in the culture, and on the other hand relate to the core, or essence of the person, his or her unique individuality.


Stephano Sabetti Life Energy Therapy

Peter Levine Autonomic Stress and Vegetotherapy

Lillenor Johensen Developmental Steps and Centres of
Growth Part II

Mirian Dror The Capacity for Self-Regulation

David Smith Grounding and Transition

Jan Franken The Search, Part I

David Boadella Inner Ground

Mary Whitehouse The Tao of the Body

Curtis Turchin Pulsing

John Bellins Laughter and Play in Bio-energetic Analysis

Stanley Keleman Patterns of Breathing Part II


Werner Pelr Proposal for a New College


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